Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remodel day 20: Back to Work

After many days of focusing on other life events, measuring walls, and working on the budget, we were able to get back to work on Saturday. A portion of the siding was ordered and Dad and Brandon went to work ripping off 35 year old siding. Hot, dirty work. I helped by pulling out nails.

This part of our project is probably the largest and most overwhelming to me. After seeing the remnants of current and former wall tenants (former-rodents, current-spiders) and crab grass growing up and into the insulation, I took about 5 full minutes to stare into what we had uncovered and feel a bit overwhelmed. Then I turned around and admired one of the best parts of our new house--the awesome K-3 school behind us. Brandon finally has his baseball field!

Stay tuned...


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