Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Remodel day 52: Tile Shopping

I drove out to Bedrosians in Auburn and immediately regretted not having Brandon and the truck with me. In their clearance section I found more granite tiles (like the ones I found at the ReStore) for $1.99/square foot as well as some gorgeous 10"x20" textured porcelain tiles for bathroom tiling. I picked up the other half of the tile in my bug and headed down the hill (total cost for granite counter tiles is less than $70!!). Brandon and I made the second trip in the afternoon. We decided to do the sleek-looking metallic iron tile in our shower with a recessed box and a beautiful white tile for the floor of the guest bath. The tiles cost $1.79/square foot on clearance (regularly $4.30). Such great options and service!

The bathrooms and kitchen are going to take a lot of sweat equity and ingenuity to save money, but the payoff will be incredible. Hoping to find a stainless steel fridge and oven for less than $700, combined. We'll be looking at sears, sears outlet, and Craigslist to accomplish that! If you have any tips, let us know. :)

Currently, Brandon, Joe, and Matt are priming the walls and ceiling for paint. After texturing, the walls look incredible and the smell is completely gone.

Some big changes are coming! Can't wait to share!!


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