Sunday, June 12, 2011

Europe Countdown

Our upcoming itinerary:
We are so excited for our trip to Europe!!! I can't believe it's finally going to be here after all this talking and planning. I've been to Europe four times before. Yeah, I know... pretty crazy. Each trip was unique and amazing. I am so grateful for those opportunities. The only thing I was missing was the love of my life. One definitely feels the gravity of singleness when you walk around Paris by yourself. The hardest was a candlelit stroll that I took solo around the grounds of the Vaux le Vicomte castle. So this trip will be unique and amazing because my husband is coming with me!!!

It is his first trip and he is so excited! He can't wait to see the Austrian Alps, the historical sights, the city of London, and the beaches of Normandy.

It will be such a great adventure for us... and a test of our ability to work together to solve problems that inevitably come up during vacations.

Here's an overview of our itinerary:
  • Arrive in Frankfurt, rent a car
  • Night in Heidelberg
  • Stop at Rothenberg ob der Tauber
  • Night in Salzburg
  • Stop at Neuschwanstein
  • Night in Florence
  • 2 Nights in Rome
  • Fly to London
  • 3 Nights in London
  • Night in Normandy region
  • 3 Nights in Paris
  • Fly home
Forgive my misspellings... I didn't feel like looking them up. :)

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