Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remodel day 27: Deciding and De-siding

When you replace everything in a house, it's great to make all the decisions and make it your own, but you have to choose EVERYTHING. It's incredible to find out how many elements need to mesh together.

We are getting ready to work on the master bath so we have been comparing the tile options online. I love the tumbled natural stone mosaic pieces, but there's no way we're paying $19/square foot for 50 feet plus of shower wall space. Our trip to Home Depot was comical. During our shopping and talking with my "consultant" Ashton, we kept changing our minds and asking the employees about different tile maintenance/installation. We were in that section for an hour! We finally went with white subway tile to match the shower pan and a sea foam green accent for the walls (we only bought one piece of each so we could make sure we like them). We went with cool tone ceramic tile for the floor.

Then we tore off more siding, this time on the sides of the house--the front will be last.


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