Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our unAwards for European destinations

Just for fun, we thought of some "awards" to honor our stays across Europe.

  • Best City for Walks: Paris
  • Best Drivers: Germany
  • Best Public Transit: Paris
  • Best Sense of Humor: Germany
  • Best food: Italy
  • Best coffee (non starbucks): Italy
  • Best dessert, Brandon's pick: Amorino gelato in Paris
  • Best dessert, Jenny's pick: Salzburg apple streudel
Odds and Ends...
  • Most expensive: London (Paris comes in 2nd)
  • Most affordable: Rome
  • Most friendly to Americans: Normandy
  • Most dog-friendly: Paris
  • Easiest city to navigate: Rome
  • Smelliest city: Paris
  • Cleanest city: London
  • Most fashionable city: Rome
  • Safest-feeling city: Rome (If traveling as a single woman, I may have felt differently)
  • City with the most to do: London
  • Most delicious foreign dish: Florentine steak
  • Most underrated city: Montepulciano
  • Most overrated city: Florence


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