Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In michaelangelo's depiction of judgement day, you may notice that the vision, the perception, of the damned is obscured. An eye is covered on every figure. Our Vatican tour guide explained that michaelangelo's purpose is to show how the perception of those people is flawed and they cannot see their sin clearly nor their need for Christ; therefore, they reject Christ and choose hell.

I began thinking about this issue of perception as I read Love & War (by John and Stasi eldredge) and I'm becoming frustrated with my weaker eye. My right eye sees clearly, my left eye is very blurred--together it's a headache. The irony of my physical perception problem is that this present chapter speaks to the issue of Satan's role in trying to destroy marriages. His primary strategy is trying to get us to make "agreements" with him. "Now, what the father of lies does is put his 'spin' on a situation. It typically comes as a 'thought' or 'feeling.'" For example: "she doesn't really love you. He'll never change. She's always doing that."

Perception is important, isn't it? How easily we can cover an eye to the truth or not correct our vision when it is flawed.

As for us, we are trying to be more mindful of agreements every day, especially as romantic adventures like Europe seem further away and more perilous adventures like moving our lives 700 miles south become imminent realities.

What an adventure we find ourselves on... together.

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