Thursday, July 7, 2011

Europe day 11: Paris

Slept in late. So nice. This trip has been wonderful but exhausting! :)

We started out by finding a small bakery for breakfast. We had a Parisian breakfast which consists of coffee or tea and a croissant or pain au chocolate. It was a tasty but a very light meal compared to our English breakfasts at our previous hotel of cereal, egg, toast, "bacon" (fried ham), tomato, juice, and coffee/tea.

So we walked to admire the garnier opera house and get some Starbucks. The one I used to like moved down the street. It was huge! And very friendly just like at home. :) The decor was quite posh. Painted ceilings, chandeliers, oh Paris. Starbucks is everywhere here by the way.

Then we walked from there to the marais. We passed by some pet stores and couldn't help but look! We miss our little dog a lot. We finally got to a bakery that I love for ham and cheese sandwiches on a baguette. Then we walked to the park behind notre dame to eat. We were starving! I had inadvertently taken Brandon on another " Jenny walk". We decided that my habit of proposing to walk somewhere that "isn't that far" and ends up being a 2-6 mile trek is called a "Jenny walk". Poor Brandon. Poor feet! We eventually headed home for a quick rest. (that is, collapsing into a 2 hour nap)

Our evening was a series of misadventures with another "Jenny walk" from the louvre to the Eiffel tower and back. (to appreciate how far these walks are you have to see a map! It's crazy!) the highlights were walking through the Tuileries garden by fragrant lavender, taking photos of the Eiffel tour and appreciating its massive size, most of the walk, plotting how we'd disable an attacker on the quieter streets, deciding to take the metro to get to the marais area for a 11pm dinner, finding pizza San Antonio for a second night in a row, discovering that egg on pizza is pretty good.

After our trip we'll be posting "awards" and Europe travel tips that we've learned mainly through our errors. :) À tout à l'heure!

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