Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Europe day 3: the longest drive & Florence

We had an incredible dinner tonight! It was a gift, truly incredible! We dined at villa San Michelle in fiesole which overlooks Florence. My favorite parts of the meal were the peach Bellini, florentine steak, wine, cappuccino dessert with cinnamon gelato. Oh and a doppio espresso to counteract the wine because everything before that point was utterly exhausting!

We woke up early and launched out of Salzburg to a salt mine in hallein. It was a really cool tour! It kind of felt like being at Disneyland. We rode a train into the mine then barreled down wood slides until we were 210 meters below the ground! We took the tour with a group of 9 year old Austrian kids on a field trip. We were very intriguing to them--they kept sneaking peeks at us and staring when the guide spoke English to us. So funny! Makes me wonder what assumptions they have about Americans.

Then we started our 720 km drive to Florence. Driving through the alps was unbelievable, but once we encountered the Italian way of driving... We were anxious to be done! :) The drive took 8.5 hours. Then Brandon was rudely introduced to Florence driving. Wow. His take: " it's complete anarchy. There's no rules so make up your own." Especially the scooters...

Thankfully we are safe in our very humid room at the hostel. :)

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At June 28, 2011 at 4:06 PM , Blogger Nanners said...

Oh wow! I know- that drive is brutal!!! How was the florentine steak? Pics? Where is the hostel located? I have so many questions (:


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