Thursday, June 30, 2011

Europe day 5: Rome!

We are loving our hotel! We are currently taking a siesta/rest time in our air conditioned room after a big day of touring Rome! And we did it all before 3 pm! :)

Rome is really amazing. I've been here before, but experiencing it in a completely new way with my husband. A few of the main differences are getting out very early, mapping out our route as we go, and bringing our water!

Here's what we saw today: colosseum, roman forum, pantheon, Trevi fountain, and piazza navona.

We stopped at McDonald's again. :) not as good as the ones in Germany but really nice! They moved the one from the pantheon area to the Trevi fountain area, which was a good move since the new one has 3 levels!

Other random things that happened... There was a Libyan rally going on in the piazza navona... Kinda kills the whole mood that the Italians make money from... We enjoyed quoting back to the future on that one. And we dodged a tourist trap by figuring out that sitting and ordering Tre Scalini gelato was €13 MORE than walking up to the stand and taking it to go. Tourist traps: 0, pb&j: 1

Loving Rome!


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