Saturday, July 2, 2011

Europe day 6: Vatican and off to London!

Rome Walks tour was unbelievable! One of the best tours I've been on. The history and art came to life! Incredible stories told by our guide who is a believer and has a passion for church history. The Sistine chapel had so much more meaning. It was interesting how michaelangelo wanted to convey biblical scenes showing the fallenness-humanness-of mankind to man in crisis to intimacy and connection with God. I didn't realize that michaelangelo had never painted before being told by forceful warrior pope Julius to paint the sistine chapel. And then to paint al fresco (into wet plaster) upside down. Then he was asked to finish designing the basilica. Wow, michaelangelo truly changed art forever. So many more stories I could share... Like what a sick freak (there are other words...) that Nero was. Ew.

Then we battled italian modes of transportation to get to the airport. After our flight and our second train ride of the day, we opted to take a taxi rather than lugging our heavy packs through the tube. Our hotel is very quaint but is comfortable. Nice to crash!

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At July 2, 2011 at 9:47 AM , Blogger Nanners said...

Great to hear! Enjoy London!!! See a show!!!!!!!!!


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