Monday, October 10, 2011

diy Floating Headboard Project Step-by-step

A bit sad and dark. And very messy. We put off decorating and buying nightstands due to our tight budget. Neglecting this area of our house began to wear on both of us. Hence our decision to redecorate our bedroom space!

We only had Sunday afternoon to make it happen before the work week took off.

We researched diy headboards and learned a lot through trial and error. Here is the method we used (see costs below):

*Note: Dimensions are for a king-size bed
  • 3/4-inch particleboard (or plywood) 80" x 48"
  • Wall mount (We used "Hangman" the one that can hold up to 200 lbs.)
  • 2 80"x 24"(equalling 80' x 48") strips of 2" high density foam (This was our most expensive item. For a cost saving tip, I recommend using a less thick foam or batting instead. Try to find a coupon.)
  • 90" x 58" upholstery fabric
  • Spray adhesive for fabrics and wood
  • Decorative buttons or button making kit for fabric buttons (We used 8)
  • Thin steel wire (22 gauge)
  • Long needle or skewer (We used a wooden skewer)
  • Cordless Drill with 1/4" bit
  1. Collect supplies. Make sure that you have your wood, foam, and fabric cut in store. When choosing fabrics, look for something strong and durable; keep in mind that any patterns will increase the difficulty and room for error in your project.
  2. Place your buttons on the board in the pattern you desire. We placed the first row 10" from the top and the second row 20" from the top. We placed buttons in rows of 4 with 16" in between each and 16" on either side to make the spacing even.
  3. Carefully draw a grid, marking where your buttons will be with intersections. Use your drill with a 1/4" bit to drill the holes.
  4. Mount the frame side of the mounting bracket to the back of the board. Be very careful that you mount it level, center side-to-side, and 12-16" from the top. Also be sure that you mount it with the cleat facing the bottom. Drill in place.
  5. Use safety goggles and get ready to spray the foam and the front side of the board. Follow instructions on the can. Spray one panel of foam and the corresponding half of the board, wait 30 seconds-1 minute and press together. Repeat with the remaining foam and other half of the board.
  6. Place the fabric front side down on a table or work area. Carefully lay the headboard (foam side down) onto the fabric. Take time to make sure you have enough fabric on all four sides and your pattern is lined up correctly.
  7. Pull the top side semi-taut over the back of the board. Staple every 2-3". Repeat with the bottom of the board, pulling tight and evenly. The sides are tricky. Treat the sides like you would wrapping a gift. The most important thing about stapling is making sure the pattern stays straight while keeping good tension on the fabric. Avoid puckering by moving slowly and checking your work.
  8. Cut a 10" piece of wire for each button. Thread the wire through the button hole and twist the ends tightly together to form a needle-like point. (Use pliers if necessary)
  9. Use a long needle, we used a wood skewer, to go through the drilled hole in the back of the board, through the foam to form the initial hole for the button. Insert wire end of button through hole. Use needle or skewer to guide needle back through. This will take patience and finesse. Fold wire over once it is through to prevent it from falling out.
  10. Pull wire taut to create the tufted look on the front of the headboard. Staple wire ends down.
  11. Position headboard on wall to measure the height you want to hang it and where the wall side of the mounting bracket should be placed.
  12. Mount the wall side of mounting bracket to the wall. At least one screw needs to go into a stud.
  13. Carefully lift headboard into wall cleat to float your headboard on the wall.
  14. Roll any lint off headboard. Then, go to bed--you're probably tired.
Our end result:

Other details...

The headboard project took about 4 hours. It took longer because we had to problem solve the button portion because the instructions we saw elsewhere did not work. The total cost of the headboard was approximately $170 plus tax. Here's a rough idea of the supply costs to expect:

Sale Items at Joann's:
  • 2 sheets of 2" foam approx. $34/each (Regular price=$68/each) = $68 for both on sale
  • 90" x 58" upholstery fabric $40 (50% off)
  • 3 packs of buttons ($6.25/each)= $18.75
  • Spray adhesive $6 (40% off)
  • Particleboard approx. $20
  • Hangman 200 lb. Mounting System approx. $11
  • Wire, drill, and skewer were on hand
For the other details, we bought the lamps at HomeGoods for $80 total. The nightstands are repurposed wine boxes, generously given to us by my parents.


At October 10, 2011 at 8:03 PM , Blogger The Undomestic Goddess said...

LOVE IT!!! Can you just drive down with your tools and help me make mine, please? thanks.

At October 10, 2011 at 11:16 PM , Anonymous Linda Prior said...

I love the fabric you chose and also love the re-purposed wine crates for the night stands! So clever! I know you had fun doing this together. That is so cool~ Proud of your DIY success!


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