Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easy Toddler Easter Craft

I love celebrating holidays with decorations and activities with my kids. I especially like taking the opportunity to make a craft or card that can be sent to grandparents who live far away.
This easy Easter craft for toddlers can be made into cards for grandmas. They will love it! 
  1. Have toddler color all over a few sheets of white paper with crayons and/or paints. 
  1. Cut sheets of blue paper in half for cards 
  1. Cut thick zigzags of green grass 
  1. Create or use an egg shaped stencil to cut out several original artwork Easter eggs! 
  1. Layer eggs and grass together and glue down. 
 I did this with my son (18 months old last Easter) and the 3 cards are so cute! Ilove that it's really easy, mess free, and looks great when finished without micromanaging my little guy.


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