Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here are several photos of how our house looked at our first showing... 

**Update 3/20/2016**
It was listed for about $160k in an affluent area of northern CA where the median priced home in 2012 was $670k!!! Anyone who knows real estate would understand the value there. Seeing numbers is a very different reality than seeing photos... So you tell me, would you be brave enough to take on a fixer like this? (cue Joanna Gaines) 
The siding was crumbling away all around the house. There were exposed wires from diy cable installations and weeds everywhere... The trees hung over the house making it so dark.
 The bedrooms..... I think most people would have run out screaming and looking for some hand sanitizer or maybe a counselor at this point. 

Aside from the mess, horrible paintings, and smell, there was such a dark, heavy feeling in those rooms. You can almost see what Brandon is thinking as the gravity and scope of the project sink in on this walk-through. 
And then there's the dark and dated kitchen and bathrooms...

I wish I had taken photos of the garage... It had been converted (without a permit of course) into a laundry room and another bedroom. Those were on the top of the hit list once we had the keys!

Thankfully, my family has a background in real estate and a great family friend who I refer to as "Super Joe" who offered to do a lot of the work alongside Brandon for free! So with my dad and grandpa urging us to buy it asap and a plan to fix it up, we took it on.


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