Monday, April 23, 2012

The next chapter: our first home

Today we got the keys to our new home!

**update 3/20/2016**
Welcome to our blog! This post only marks the beginning of many adventures in renovation, parenthood, and more...

We had no idea what we were getting into with this house project! We cranked out the major renovation with the help of friends in only a few months! We got the keys at the end of April 2012 and were able to move in (the kitchen wasn't done yet) by July 4th.

The transformation in our house and our block has been astounding and I'm excited to begin sharing those stories--past, present, and future.

As a taste, here are some old before & after photos (we've done more since this post).

I believe God is in the business of transformation... and so many times while something physically begins changing in small ways, there are huge spiritual shockwaves that we aren't aware of...

So even though with 2 kids in this 1100 sq. ft house, I was hoping our story here was done and it was time to find a new home... we aren't finished here, God's not finished here...

I hope you enjoy the journey with us!


At April 27, 2012 at 7:19 PM , Blogger Nanners said...

I love this picture so much!!!


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