Wednesday, August 14, 2013

*Overdue* Before & After Photos

This past year has been crazy. So many unexpected things have happened... More on that later...

I have been meaning to post before and after photos of our house for the longest time! We bought the house April 2012 and moved in July 2012 so it's high time for an update!


Here's a diptic of the progression of changes that our house underwent...

The outside, before:
Doesn't everyone love to see siding dissolving off of a house? So thankful to have all of it replaced!

 The outside, after:
It looks so sweet! I love the lighting and the gray and white! At some point we'll be replacing the roof and hope to make some changes to the trim and the pitch of the front porch.

This is the site of our wonderful garden, but this photo was taken before we put it in. Also, note the change of where the backyard access is. The slider is gone and french doors were put in at the back of the house. Love that change!

 The kitchen and dining area, before:
You have no idea how many random things we found behind that old oven. Gross! I must say though, that even in its greasy brown and green state, the original kitchen was a special place during the remodel where we would plan, pray, and celebrate. 

The kitchen and dining area, after:
Everything was updated! New cabinets, counters, fridge, oven, microwave, sink.... But we are still putting up with the original dishwasher. Note the glorious eat-in nook Brandon built!

One more photo of our cozy but adorable kitchen!

The family room, before:
The original smell in this room was quite powerful... We also loved all the diy holes that the previous owners drilled into all the main rooms to provide cable lines.

The family room, after:
Such a wonderful space. It has been so fun adding touches over the past year and seeing it all come together.

The master bedroom and bath, before:

The master bedroom and bath, after:
 Love our diy headboard still!

The office/guestroom, before:
Can you tell by Brandon's body language, how he's feeling about taking on this project? :) There was some pretty gnarly graffiti in this room. It was banished by about 2 coats of Killz primer, some hand sanding, texturizing, and paint.

The office/guestroom, after:

The 3rd bedroom, before:

The 3rd bedroom, after:
This picture makes it obvious what one of the biggest things we are anticipating is... Our baby boy! Due 8-31-13!!! The nursery looks very different now. I'll have to compose a post once it's complete.

The guest bathroom, before:
We were sad to find that the white tile was hiding black mold. Eventually, we'll retile; for now we put in a basic insert.

The guest bathroom, after:

The garage, before:
This is blurry, sorry. Notice again, Brandon's face if you can see. He's looking a bit overwhelmed! The garage was originally converted into a laundry room and another living space with a drop ceiling. It was dark, dingy, and sad looking. It was also poorly done. This was the first area we attacked when we got the keys.

The garage, after:
It has changed a lot! This is going to become Brandon's man cave. Notice how much happier he is in this photo! Happy to be done with lots of renovating and to have a functional garage. 

With home ownership, you're never "done". More projects to come, but we are so thankful to have a sweet, comfortable, beautiful, and clean home to build our family in! One of the best things about taking on this project in our town is that house values have been going up as we've made improvements. Our appraised value increased 171%!!!

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