Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 things I've learned about being a mom

Sitting on the couch at the end of our third weekend home with Aaron, I thought about how wonderful and different life has become. Empty plates from dinner sit on the coffee table, baby books are scattered, diaper bag is hanging open on the floor, boppy on my lap, and Aaron is dozing in Brandon's arms. This baby has certainly taken over our lives and our living room! :)
After almost 3 weeks of being a mom, I've learned a few things...
10. Our parents were right... one of the other perks of them becoming grandparents is getting to watch us learn the same lessons with our babies that they learned 20-30 years ago with us. 
9. Simple tasks become much more difficult... showers, bathroom trips, and household chores must be timed and scheduled.
8. Single parents are amazing. I couldn't imagine doing this alone.
7. Sleep quantity and quality will decrease with children. It's amazing how some of the smallest rustling noises will spring me into action.
6. The mother instinct is very real. There's a lot to learn when caring for children but it's amazing the intuition and instincts that kick in regarding your kids.
5. Each mother is the expert when it comes to her own kids. I had trouble with this idea before I had Aaron since I don't like gray areas. But it is very true! Unless it comes to extremes, it is a mother's perogative to do what is best for her kids. For one mom, scheduling is crucial, to another, responding to the baby's needs as they arise is the most important thing. Do what works best for mom and baby.
4. Goodbye purses... for now. I finally realized that the reason why you try to get a cute diaper bag is that you'll be using it for your purse in addition to carrying your baby's things. After a few days of trying to wrangle baby, diaper bag, and purse, I learned my lesson.
3. Support is crucial. Having people to connect with or to step in with help is necessary for moms to function at their optimal level. I'm so thankful to live near family and friends! My parents came to our rescue several times as I was recovering and taking care of a very new newborn.
2. Couple time becomes rare and treasured. Finding time alone with Brandon was easy before, now it is precious when we get to sit together without holding a baby or lay in bed without a baby nursing between us. 
1. I love being a mom. I was so scared about becoming a mom. I wondered if I could love him enough or if I would do a good job. Everything about it feels like I was made for this... I never realized it would be like this. I love him so much! He embodies a piece of our hearts now, leaving us vulnerable to any pain or sadness he may experience. However, that's no excuse to be fearful, he is a great motivator to seek courage. The safest place a child will experience (hopefully) is in the arms of his or her parents, so we must rely on God for strength and courage to dispel the fears of our children.

Back to our night on the couch. As we sat tired, not yet ready to clean up the remains of dinner, I thought about that Lincoln Brewster song... "this is real life, this is real good".

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